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The streets listed below lie within our area of benefit, which was formerly the Metropolitan Borough of St Pancras. Please refer to this list by clicking on the first letter to see if your address was in the old Borough. There have been new streets built and named since 1965, and you should check on the Google map below as well, if your address is not listed.

Google Map

List of Wards in Camden with the grant-making trusts who cover them

Click on Index Letter below to check your street name


Acton Street  WC1
Agar Grove NW1
Agar Place NW1
Ainger Mews NW3
Ainger Road NW3
Albany Street NW1
Albany Terrace NW1
Albert Street NW1
Albert Terrace NW1
Albert Terrace Mews NW1
Aldenham Mews NW1
Aldenham Street NW1
Allcroft Mews NW5
Allcroft Passage NW5
Allcroft Road NW5
Alma Street NW5
Alpha Place NW5
Ampthill Square NW1
Ampton Place WC1
Ampton Street WC1
Anglers Lane NW5
Arctic Street NW5
Argyle Square WC1
Argyle Street WC1
Argyle Walk WC1
Arlington  Road NW1
Arlington Terrace NW1
Ascham Street NW5
Ashdown Street NW5
Athlone Street NW5
Augustus Street NW1


Chalcot Crescent NW1

Chalcot Road NW1

Chalcot Square NW1

Chalk Farm Road NW1

Chalton Street NW1

Chamberlain Street NW1

Charles Place NW1

Charlotte Mews W1

Charlotte Place W1

Charlotte Street W1

Charlton King's Road NW5

Charrington Street NW1

Chaston Street NW5

Cheney Road NW1

Chenies Mews WC1

Chenies Place NW1

Chester Place NW1

Chester Road N19

Chester Road NW1

Chester Terrace NW1

Chester Terrace Mews NW1

Chetwynd Road NW5

Chitty Street W1

Christopher Place NW1

Churchill Road NW5

Churchway NW1

Clarence Gardens NW1

Clarence Grove NW1

Clarence Passage NW1

Clarence Way NW1

Clarendon Grove NW1

Clarendon Place NW1

Cleveland Mews W1

Cleveland Street W1

Cliff Road NW1

Cliff Villas NW1

Cobourg Street NW1

Coley Street WC1

College Grove NW1

College Lane NW5

College Place NW1

College Yard NW5

Colva Mews N19

Colville Place W1

Commercial Place NW1

Common, The NW5

Compton Place WC1

Conway Mews W1

Conway Street W1

Coram Street WC1

Cornelius Place NW1

Countess Road NW5

Courthope Road NW5

Cowley Place NW1

Crace Street NW1

Craddock Street NW5

Cranleigh Street NW1

Crawley Mews NW1

Crestfield Street WC1

Croftdown Road NW5

Crogsland Road NW1

Cromer Street WC1

Crown Place NW5

Crown Terrace NW5

Crown Yard NW1

Crowndale Road NW1

Cubitt Street NW1

Cumberland Market NW1

Cumberland Place NW1

Cumberland Terrace NW1

Cumberland Terrace Mews NW1

Curnock Street NW1

Cypress Place W1


Falkland Place NW5
Falkland Road NW5
Ferdinand Close NW1
Ferdinand Place NW1
Ferdinand Street NW1
Field Street WC1
Fitzroy Mews W1
Fitzroy Park N6
Fitzroy Place NW1
Fitzroy Road NW1
Fitzroy Square W1
Fitzroy Street W1
Flaxman Terrace WC1
Fortess Grove NW5
Fortess Mews NW5
Fortess Road NW5
Fortess Walk NW5
Fortess Yard NW5
Frederick Street WC1
Frideswide Place NW5


Ingestre Road NW5
Inkerman Road NW5
Inverness Street  NW1
Islip Street  NW1
Ivor Street  NW1


Lady Margaret Road  NW5
Lady Somerset Road  NW5
Lamble Street  NW5
Lancing Street NW1
Langbourne Avenue  N6
Langton Close WC1
Lansdwone Terrace  WC1
Laurier Road  NW5
Lawford Road  NW5
Laxton Place NW1
Leeke Street  WC1
Leigh Street  WC1
Leighton Crescent  NW5
Leighton Grove  NW5
Leighton Place  NW5
Leighton Road  NW5
Leighton Place  NW5
Leverton Place NW5
Leverton Street  NW5

Lewis Street NW1
Leybourne Road  NW1
Lidlington Place  NW1
Lismore Circus  NW5
Lismore Gardens NW5
Lismore Road NW5
Lissendon Gardens  NW5
Little Albany Street  NW1
Little Edward Street  NW1
Little Green Street  NW5
Longford Street  NW1
Loxham Street  WC1
Lulot Street  N19
Lupton Street NW5
Lyme Street  NW1
Lyme Terrace NW1


Oak Village  NW5
Oakeshott Avenue  N6
Oakfield Crescent  NW5
Oakford Road  NW5
Oakley Square  NW1
Ormond Terrace  NW6
Oseney Crescent  NW5
Osnaburgh Street  NW1
Osnaburgh Terrace  NW1
Ospringe  Road  NW5
Ossulton Street  NW1
Oval Road  NW1


Raglan Street
Randolph Street  NW1
Rathbone Place  W1
Raveley Street  N19
Raydon Street NW1
Redhill Street  NW1
Reed's Place  NW1
Regent Square  WC1
Regent's Park
Regent's Park Garden Mews NW1
Regent's Park Road  NW1
Regent's Park Terrace  NW1
Regina Street  NW1
Retcar Mews N19
Retcar Street  N19
Rhyl Street  NW5

Richardson's Mews  W1
Robert Street  NW1
Robert's Mews  NW1
Robin Grove  N6
Rochester Mews  NW1
Rochester Place NW1
Rochester Road  NW1
Rochester Square  NW1
Rochester Terrace  NW1
Rochford Street  NW5
Roderick Road  NW3
Roger Street  WC1
Roan Road  NW3
Rothwell Street  NW1
Rousden Street  NW1
Royal College Street  NW1
Ryland Road  NW5


Underhill Passage  NW1
Underhill  Street  NW1
University Street  WC1
Upper Woburn PLO  WC1


No streets


Bacon's Lane N6
Balmore Street N19
Baptist Gardens NW5
Barclay Street NW1
Barnby Street NW1
Bartholomew Road NW5
Bartholomew Villas NW5
Bassett Street NW5
Bath Row NW1
Bath Place NW1
Battle Bridge Road NW1
Bayham Place NW1
Bayham Street NW1
Baynes Street NW1
Beatty Street NW1
Beaumont Place W1
Bedford Passage W1
Belgrove Street WC1
Belmont Street NW1
Berkeley Grove NW1
Berkeley Road NW1
Bernard Street WC1
Bertram Street N19
Bidborough Street WC1
Birkenhead Street WC1
Bisham gardens N6
Bonny Street NW1

Boscastle Road NW5
Bramshill Gardens NW5
Brecknock Road N7 & N19
Bridgeway Street NW1
Britannia Street WC1
Bromley Place W1
Bromwich Avenue N6
Brookfield Park NW5
Brownlow Mews WC1
Brunswick Square WC1
Buck Street NW1
Burghley Road NW5
Burton Place WC1
Burton Street WC1
Busby Mews NW5
Busby Place NW5
Byng Place WC1


Dalby Street NW5
Dale Road NW5
Dartmouth Park Avenue NW5
Dartmouth Park Hill
Dartmouth Park Road NW5
Delancey Passage NW1
Delancey Street NW1
Dewsbury Terrace NW1
Diana Place NW1
Dickenson Street NW5
Doughty Mews WC1
Doughty Street WC1
Doynton Street N19
Drummond Crescent NW1
Drummond Street NW1
Duke's Road WC1
Dumpton Place NW1
Dunollie Place NW5
Dunollie Road NW5


Gaisford Street NW5
Georgiana Street NW1
Gilden Road NW5
Gillies Street NW5
Gill's Yard NW1
Glenhurst Avenue NW5
Gloucester Avenue NW1
Gloucester Crescent NW1
Gloucester Gate NW1
Gloucester Gate Mews NW1
Glynde Reach WC1
Goldington Crescent NW1
Goldington Street NW1
Goodge Place W1
Goodge Street W1

Goodsway NW1
Gordon House Road NW5
Gordon Square WC1
Gordon Street WC1
Gospel Oak Grove NW5
Gottfried Mews NW5
Gough Street WC1
Gower Place WC1
Gower Street WC1
Grafton Crescent NW1
Grafton Mews W1
Grafton Place NW1
Grafton Road NW5
Grafton Terrace NW5
Grafton Way NW1
Grafton Yard NW5
Granby Terrace NW1
Gray's Inn Road WC1
Great Croft WC1
Greenland Place NW1
Greenland Road NW1
Greenland Street NW1
Greenwodd Place NW5
Grenville Street WC1
Gresse Mews W1
Gresse Street W1
Grove, The N6
Grove End NW5
Grove Terrace NW5
Grove Terrace Mews NW5
Guildford Mews WC1
Guildford Street WC1


Jamestown Road  NW1
Jeffrey's Place  NW1
Jeffrey's Street  NW1
Judd Street  WC1
Julia Street  NW5


Mabledon Place  WC1
Mackworth Street  NW1
Maitland Park Road  NW3
Maitland Park Villas  NW3
Makepeace Avenue  N6
Malden Crescent  NW1
Malden Place  NW5
Malden Road  NW5
Malet Place  WC1
Manley Street  NW1
Mansfield Road  NW3
Maple Place  W1
Maple Street W1
Marchmont Street  WC1
Marquis Road  NW1
Marsden Street  NW5
Mecklenburgh Place  WC1
Mecklenburgh Square  WC1
Mecklenburgh Street  WC1
Medburn Street  NW1
Melton Mews  NW1
Melton Street NW1
Midhope Street  WC1
Midland Road  NW1
Miller Street  NW1
Millfield Lane  N6
Modbury Gardens  NW5
Modbury Street  NW5
Modbury Yard  NW5
Montpelier Grove  NW5
Mornoington Crescent  NW1
Mornington Place  NW1
Mornington Street  NW1
Mornington Terrace  NW1
Mortimer Market  WC1
Munster Square  NW1
Murray Mews  NW1
Murray Street  NW1


Pakenham Street  WC1
Pancras Road  NW1
Park Square East  NW1
Parkway  NW1
Park Village East  NW1
Park Village West  NW1
Park Village West Mews  NW1
Parliament Hill Fields  NW5
Patshull Place  NW5
Patshull  Road  NW5
Peckwater Street   NW5
Penryn Street  NW1
Pentonvville  Road  N1
Percy Mews  W1
Percy Street  W1
Perren Street  NW5
Peto Place  NW1
Phoenix Pla e  WC1
Phoenix Road  NW12
Piercefield  Street  NW5
Platt Street  NW1
Pleasant Row  NW1
Plender Place  NW1
Plender Street  NW1
Polygon Road  NW1
Pond Square  N6
Powlett Place  NW1
Pratt Mews  NW1
Pratt Street  NW1
Prebend Place  NW1
Primrose Hill  NW8
Primrose Hill Road  NW3
Prince Albert Road  NW1
Prince of Wales Crescent  NW1
Prince of Wales Passage  NW1
Prince of Wales Road  NW5
Princess Road  NW1
Prospect Terrace  WC1
Prowse Place  NW1
Purchese Street  NW1


St Albans Road  NW5
St Andrew's Gardens  WC1
St Andrew's Place  NW1
St Anne's Close  N6
St Ann's Gardens  NW5
St Augustine's Road  NW1
St Chad's Place  WC1
St Chad's  Street  WC1
St George's Gardens  WC1
St Geroge's Mews  NW1
St George's  Terrace  NW1
St Leonard's  Square  NW5
St Marks Crescent  NW1
St Mark's Square  NW1
St Martin's Close  NW1
St Martin's Gardens  NW1
St Michael's Terrace  N6
St Pancras Gardens  NW1
St Pancras  Way NW1
St Paul's Crescent  NW1
St Silas Plae  NW5
St Silas Street NW5
St Thomas's Gardens  NW5
Sandall Road  NW5
Sandwich Street  WC1
Savernake Road  NW3
Scala Street  W1
Seaford Street  WC1
Seaton Place  NW1
Selous Street  NW1
Sharples Hall Street NW1
Shipton Place  NW5
Shirlock Road NW3
Shroshire  Place  WC1
Sidmouth Mews  WC1
Sidmouth  Street  WC1
Somerset Terrace  WC1
South Grove  N6
South Villas  NW1
Southampton Road  NW5
Southampton Yard  NW1
Speedy Place  WC1
Spencer Rise  NW5
Spring Place  NW5
Stanhope Street  NW1
Stanhope Yard  NW1
Stanley Passage  NW1
Stanmore Place  NW1
Starcross Street  NW1
Stephen Mews  W1
Stephen Street  W1
Stratford Villas  NW1
Stucley Place  NW1
Swain's Lane  N6
Swinton Place  WC1
Swinton Street  WC1
Stankerton Street  WC1


Varndell Street  NW1
Vicars Road  NW5


York Mews  NW5
York Rise  NW5
York Way  N1 & N7


Calsen Yard  WC1
Calthorpe Street WC1
Calvert Street NW1
Cambridge Gate NW1
Cambridge Gate Mews NW1
Cambridge Terrace NW1
Cambridge Terrace Mews NW1
Camden Gardens NW1
Camden High Street NW1
Camden Mews NW1
Camden Park Road NW1
Camden Road NW1
Camden Square NW1
Camden Street NW1
Camden Terrace NW1
Camley Street NW1
Canal View NW1
Cantelowes Road NW1
Capper Street WC1
Cardington Street NW1
Carker's Lane NW5
Carleton Gardens N19
Carleton Villas NW5
Carlow Road NW1
Carltoun Street NW5
Carol Street NW1
Carrol Place NW5
Carter's Close NW5
Cartwright Gardens WC1
Castle Mews NW1
Castle Place NW1
Castle Road NW1
Castlehaven Road NW1
Cathcart Street NW5
Caversham Road NW5



Early Mews NW1

Eden Street NW1

Edis Street NW1

Egbert Street NW1

Eglon Mews NW1

Elaine Grove NW1

Elm Road NW1

Elm Street WC1 (part of 2)

Endsleigh Gardens WC1

Endsleigh Place WC1

Endsleigh Street WC1

Endsleigh Terrace WC1

Erskine Mews NW1

Estelle Road NW3

Euston Grove NW1

Euston Road

Euston Square NW1

Euston Station NW1

Euston Street NW1

Evangelist Road NW5

Eversholt Row NW1

Eversholt Street NW1


Hadley Street NW5
Hammond Street NW5
Hampshire Street NW5
Hamsptead Lane N6
Hampstead Road  NW1
Handel Street WC1
Hanway Place W1
Hanway Street W1
Hargrave Place N7
Harmood Grove NW1
Harmood Street NW1
Harringston Square NW1
Harrington Street NW1
Harrison Street WC1
Hartland Grove  NW1
Hartland Road NW1
Hastings Street WC1
Haven Street  NW1
Haverstock Hill NW3
Haverstock Road NW5
Hawley Crescent NW1
Hawley Road NW1
Hawley Street NW1
Healey Street NW1
Heathcote Mews  WC1
Heathcote Street  WC1
Henrietta Mews WC1
Herbert Street NW5
Herbrand Street WC1
Heriot Place NW5
Hertford Place  W1
Hethersett Street NW1
Highgate High Street N6
Highgate Road NW5
Highgate West Hill N6
Hillway N6
Holly Lodge Gardens  N6
Holly Terrace N6
Holly Village N6
Holmes Road NW5
Houghton Place NW1
Howland Mews East W1
Howland Mews West W1
Howland Street W1
Hunter Street  WC1
Huntley Street  WC1
Hurdwick Place  NW1


Kelly Street  NW1
Kentish Town Road
Kenton Street  WC1
King Henry's Road  NW3
Kings Cross N1
Kings Cross Bridge  N1
Kings Cross Road  WC1
Kings Terrace  NW1
Kingstown Street  NW1
Kingswear Road  NW5


Nash Street  NW1
Netley Street  NW1
North Villas  NW1


Qudrant Grove  NW5
Queen's Crescent  NW5
Queen's Yard  W1


Tavistock  Place  WC1
Tavistock Square WC1
Taviton Street  WC1
Thanet Street  WC1
Thurlow Terrace  NW5
Tolmers Square  NW1
Tonbridge Street  WC1
Torbay Street  NW1
Torriano Avenue  NW5
Torriano Cottages  NW5
Torriano Mews  NW5
Torrington Place  WC1
Tottenham Ct Road  W1
Tottenham Mews  W1
Tottenham Street W1
Tovey Place  NW5
Truro Street  NW5
Tudor Place  W1
Twisden Road  NW5


Wakefield Street  WC1
Warden Road  NW5
Warren Mews  W1
Warren Street  W1
Waterlow Park  N6
Weedington Road  NW5
Weir's Passage  NW1
Wellesley  Place  NW5
Wellesley Road  NW5
Wellesley Yard  NW5
Wembley Yard NW1
Werrington Street  NW1
Wesleyan Place  NW5
Whitbourne Street  WC1
Whitcher Place  NW1
Whitfield Place  W1
Whitfield Street  WC1
Wicklow Street WC1

Wilkin Street  NW5
Willes Road  NW5
Willingham Close  NW5
Willingham Terrace  NW5
Wilmot Place  NW1
Windmill Street  W1
Winscombe Street  N19
Woburn Walk  WC1
Wolsey Mews  NW5
Woodsome Road NW5
Wren Street  WC1
Wrotham Road  NW1
Wybert Street  NW1


No streets


Street Map

Historical qualifying street map of

St Pancras

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